19 Customised Cupcake Ideas

Do you love cakes and cupcakes? Who doesn’t? We’ve all been to a special occasion and gotten excited at the sight of all those delightful little cupcakes and cake treats staring us in the face. Now, with customized cupcakes in trend, gone are the days when plain ol’ chocolate and vanilla were your only two options. You can now create some truly amazing designs that will both look incredible on display and taste amazing too! In this blog post, we’ll take you through 19 different ideas for customised cupcakes that will make your next get-together or special day a real hit! So scroll down now for an indulgent serving of creative inspiration for personalized cupcakes.

#1: Baby shower cupcakes

For the perfect baby shower celebration, customised cupcakes are a must! Consider creating pretty little pinks and blues to match the gender of the baby. Add details such as lollipops, stars or even teddy bears on top to make them extra special during the baby showers.

#2: Birthday cupcakes

Make your birthday party even more memorable with some bright and colourful birthday cupcakes. Whether it’s a kids’ party or an adult one, add fun designs such as unicorns, rainbows or balloons for an extra touch of whimsy.

#3: Pokemon cupcakes

Let the Poke-lovers in your life rejoice with some creative Pokemon themed cupcakes. You can style them in the iconic colours of their favourite characters or even have different types of Pokemon printed onto the cupcakes.

#4: Red velvet cupcakes

Red velvet cupcakes are a classic for any kind of celebration. Take it up a notch by customizing them with cream cheese frosting and adding cute little decorations such as rose buds on top.

#5: Cupcakes Singapore style

Make your special occasion more interesting by infusing some local flavours into your cupcakes with cupcakes Singapore style! Look out for trendy cupcakes Singapore style designs such as kueh lapis, durian puffs or even pandan chiffon that will both surprise and delight your guests.

#6: Monster custom cupcakes

For all you monster-lovers out there, why not try making some fun monster cupcakes? Create an entire family of monsters that come in different colours and sizes and put them together for a spooky yet delicious treat.

#7: Unicorn cupcakes

Make your special day even more magical with these sparkly unicorn-inspired cupcakes. Add rainbow swirls on top or personalized toppers that are sure to make any celebration extra special.

#8: Two-in-one cupcakes

For those who like something a bit more unique, two-in-one cupcakes will provide the perfect solution. Bake cakes in both halves of the cupcake liners and then frost them together into one giant, delicious hybrid!

#9: Sunshine cupcakes

Make your special day even brighter with these sunshine-inspired cupcakes! Use bright and vibrant colours such as yellow, orange and pink for a fun twist on the classic cupcake.

#10: Beehive cupcakes

Create some buzz at your next celebration with these cute beehive cupcakes. Top them off with little bee toppers or add stripes of yellow frosting for an extra touch of sweetness!

#11: Disney theme cupcakes

If you’re throwing a party for the Disney fan in your life, consider these cupcakes. Pick their favourite characters and recreate them with colourful frosting, fondant cutouts, and creative decorations. For pictures of these classic Disney creations, check out our Pinterest page!

#12: Say it sweetly with message cupcakes

Whether it’s a birthday shout-out or an anniversary congratulations, decorate your cupcakes with custom messages to make the day even more special. You can go all out with intricate icing fonts or keep it simple with classic text for maximum impact. Don’t forget to take lots of photos with this one!

#13: School spirit cupcakes

Show your school pride in a delicious way with school spirit cupcakes. Use the colours and mascot of your favourite school to decorate, or even spell out entire words with buttercream – it’s a great way to show off your creativity!

#14: Fondant figurines

Turn any cupcake into an edible work of art with fondant figurines. From animals and plants, to little people and houses, your imagination is the only limit. This type of decoration requires patience but the result will be worth it!

#15: Colorful confetti cupcakes

Channel your inner child and make these colourful, sprinkle-filled cupcakes for every occasion. You can top them with swirls of frosting, chocolate chips or just let all that delicious sprinkles shine – either way, they’re sure to be a hit!

#16: Superhero theme cupcakes

Show your superhero pride with some cupcakes decorated to look like your favourite Marvel and DC characters. Use store bought fondant for the decorations and choose a flavour that will make all your friends exclaim, “Avengers Assemble!” Don’t forget to add a few stars around the edges of each one—because in the world of superheroes, every hero deserves recognition!

#17: Milky Way cupcakes

For those who love the classic candy bar but want to up their game in the kitchen, this recipe is just what you need. Start with a delicious chocolate cake base and top it off with creamy vanilla frosting sprinkled with chopped up pieces of the famous candy bar. Finally, use a star-shaped cookie cutter for extra star power!

#18: Rainbow cupcakes

Show your colours and create a batch of cupcakes in every hue. Start by dying each individual cake mix with food colouring to get the perfect shades, then layer them in order for an eye-catching effect. Top with colourful buttercream frosting for a look that will make all your friends smile.

#19: Carnival themed cupcakes

Bring the fun of carnivals and fairs to life with these festive treats! Start by baking classic yellow or vanilla cupcakes and topping each one with a swirl of cotton candy flavored frosting. Then use rainbow sprinkles and some mini circus animal figures to top it off—the result is sure to elicit smiles from everyone who takes a bite from these delectable cupcakes.


So there you have it – 19 different ideas for customised cupcakes that will bring any event to life! Whether it’s a baby shower, birthday party or just another get-together, you can use these ideas for the best cupcakes to create some truly memorable treats for all your guests. So what are you waiting for? Get these cupcakes today!