For outlets sign up, ask our friendly staff to show you the QR code!
For online sign up via for our website, click on the rewards and click the “Sign Up Here” button above. Follow the steps by steps guide in the website.

There is no membership fee needed.

Simply login to the member portal at with your registered mobile number to view the details such as cashback credits, tier type, vouchers and transaction history.

There is no expiry for the Basic Tier.

VIP Tier members receive additional cashback percentage and discounts, as well as more treats compared to Basic Tier members.

You need to login to your member portal at with your previous mobile number and change it from your account page.


Login to your account from the mobile device at our counter, and we will key in the spend value into system for cashback calculation during your transaction. Any after-transaction request to add cashback will not be accepted.

No. You will not get any cashback from online pre-orders. You will only get cashback for transactions that is made at our respective outlets.

A minimum spend of $5 per transaction is required to earn cashback.

Basic Tier members earn 5% cashback from each transaction (Not valid for any in-store promotion products).

Provide your contact number to our cashier. Cashier will inform your total cashback value.

Kindly inform us the amount you wish to redeem, and key in your 4-digit pin for verification purposes. Once redeem is successful, you will receive a confirmation message from Avocado.

No, redeeming of cashback is only available at our respective outlets

Your cashback values will expire within 90 days from the date of earning.

Simply login to the member portal at with your registered mobile number to view the details such as cashback credits

  • GST is not counted for cashback earning.


Our rewards (including cashback) are not stackable with other third-party discounts and in-store promotions.


You will receive a birthday SMS one day prior to your birthday month. For example, you will receive the SMS on 30 June if your birthday is in July. The validity of the birthday treat is 30 days. (Register on the same birthday month, you will not get the birthday voucher)

Basic Tier members are entitled to a $10 discount through their birthday month with min. spending of $55.